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AppBanc, LLC, is a California LLC located in the heart of Silicon Valley. Organized to pursue the smart phone software applications and companion technologies.

WOW’s parent company, AppBanc, LLC, located in the heart of Silicon Valley and dedicated to improving mobile photography. This expert optics team recognized the ubiquitous world of mobile photography and the vast “Photosphere”. With several optics and design patents in an extensive IP portfolio, they see unlimited possibilities for mobile photography. Made in the USA, our patented WOW Lens Case for the iPhone 7 uniquely integrates a carousel of optics embedded into a shock resistant case.

Headquarters AppBanc, LLC
401 Great America Parkway, Ste. 320, Santa Clara CA-95054

Tel: 408-850-7266 Fax 408-850-7264

Contact: Gib Springer